Dance & Fitness Classes

Moms, Pops and Tots
A class designed for children ages 2-­‐4, accompanied by a parent or guardian where children learn through games, music and creative movement. Comfortable clothing required for both parent and tot.

Tap, levels I and II
Tap skills are taught using a level building syllabus, great for sharpness of mind, balance and strength, all while having a blast.

Ballet steps and techniques are taught with no performance expectations, purely for the enjoyment of the art and body benefits that a ballet discipline has to offer.

Ballet Barre Fitness
All that ballet has to offer and then some, this class is delivered with more of an emphasis on the fitness aspects of ballet.

Zumba is a high-­‐energy fitness movement class with a Latin dance focus

A traditional Yoga Practice offers many benefits to help keep the body in tune, strengthened and balanced. There are many different styles within the yoga practice. Please see current class schedule for yoga offerings.

Belly Dance
Embrace the artistic beauty and expression of this ancient dance form while learning its principal movements and traditional styles.

Prenatal Belly Dance

In ancient history, belly dancing was known as a preparation for childbirth. Throughout pregnancy, belly dancing can play an important part. The movements of this dance form are particularly well-suited to prepare a woman for giving birth. Keeping flexible and strong adds to what makes this type of fitness activity so valuable during and after pregnancy. The flowing arm motions, chest moves, hip rolls and shoulder shimmies provide a smooth, super low-impact cardio workout that builds the endurance needed during labor. Together, the circling, rocking, and tilting motions increase pelvic mobility and help rotate the baby into the right position for the birth. In essence, it is a life dance of well-being for woman and child.  

Butterfly Belly Dance

A class of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, this youth belly dance class teaches key elements, posture, and traditional movements through creative expression and improvisational and rhythmic movement.

Jazz/Hip Hop
This fusion class incorporates isolations and syncopated rhythms, blending the timeless styles of jazz and the contemporary moves of urban, street dance.

A variety of Ballroom Dance styles will be taught with an emphasis on the social, fun and fitness aspect. Learning these skills may come in handy at your wedding or next invitation to dance!

Youth Dance Season Programming

Pre-­‐K Dance
Your preschooler will enjoy movement and creative play in a dance class setting, through songs, games and rhymes while learning basic skills in both tap and ballet. Black Tap and pink Ballet shoes are required.

Boys Dance I and Boys Dance II
A class where your young man can express movement and creativity through learning the fundamentals of dance, explore the different styles, strengthen coordination and motor skills all while moving to fun and inspiring rhythms. Black Tap and pink Ballet shoes are required.

Youth Dance I Level I
Inspiring and creative, this beginning class, for the kindergarten and first grade student, focuses on basic dance techniques and concepts in Tap and Ballet. Tap and Ballet shoes are required.

Youth Dance I Level II
As described above, this class is designed for the continuing primary dancer

Youth Dance II Level I
A beginning level class for the second through fifth grade student, this class introduces skills in Tap, Jazz, and Ballet. Black Tap and pink Ballet shoes are required.

Youth Dance II Level II
This class is designed for the continuing dancer. Dancers will apply and combine the previously learned building blocks, which will prepare in their growth towards more intermediate materials. The class time has been lengthened to accommodate for a deeper focus. Black Tap and pink Ballet shoes are required.

Youth Dance III Ballet I
Focused training in Ballet, students will expand and strengthen basic ballet techniques and vocabulary. This is a great class for poise and posture as well as a good technique foundation for all dance forms and levels. Black Tap and pink Ballet shoes are required.

Youth Dance III Ballet II/III
This is a continuing level ballet class with a deeper focus. A dancer must have advanced out of Ballet I in order to register for Ballet II/III.

Youth Dance III Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop I
Focused training in Tap and Jazz, students will learn the basics in Tap and Jazz skills and vocabulary. This high energy and up beat class strengthens rhythm and timing. Black Tap and pink Ballet shoes are required.

Youth Dance III Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop II/III
As described above, this is a continuing level class. Dancers will grow and expand in their knowledge and skills. Black Tap and pink Ballet shoes are required.

Junior & Senior Dance Clubs
Dance club is an additional outlet for the dancer who wants to take their dance skills to next level. A focused group of students with a similar goal of learning and growing in the aspects of performance art, the club will work together to create choreography with added performances and possible competition opportunities. A dance club member must be enrolled in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz in order to register for club. This opportunity is also open to both high school and middle school dancers, Junior Club, for middle school and Senior Club for high school. There will be fundraising opportunities in order to deflect some of the costume cost and any competition fees.
NDDC Mission Statement
The Northern Door Dance Club is a performing arts program providing students with the opportunity to experience, celebrate, and grow in all aspects of dance. Dancers will learn the value of teamwork, commitment, showmanship, and integrity, thus encouraging them to serve as positive role models and representatives of the Gibraltar Community.


One week Dance Intensive
Classes in a variety of dance forms will run every day with a demo at the end of the week. This camp is designed for the intermediate level student. Black Tap and pink Ballet shoes are required.

Proposed Classes for Future Programming

A Ballet class of a refined training and specific focus where students will be required to have advanced out of Ballet II/III and must also be enrolled in practice 3 plus classes a week.

Musical Fusion
A fusion program, which includes instruction and training in vocals, acting, visual arts, costume design, and dance all combined around a theme of a popular musical. Students will learn a variety of elements involved in creating a musical presentation and ultimately deliver a final piece or mega mix of songs and exerts from the focus musical.

Dance Therapy
This class has yet to be fine tuned although the idea is to create an outlet for those recovering from or living with mental or physical challenges, thus enriching their quality of life.