Dancin’ On The Door welcomes Lori Strantz to our team of instructors! Register today for Somatics For Pain Free Movement with Lori! Six week class series, Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 a.m.starting April 7th – May 12th. Classes will include lecture and movement instruction. $90.00 for six weeks, includes handouts and an audio CD of movements.

 Do you have pain that won’t go away?? Back, neck, shoulder or hip pain, and you’ve tried just about everything and it still won’t go away?? Learn to relieve functional muscle pain, restore freedom of movement and move the way you once did.

In this class you will learn:

ŸWhy muscles become tight and stiff, leading to pain, poor posture and recurring injuries

ŸHow your daily movement habits could be contributing to your pain

ŸThe three reflexive stress responses that contribute to conditions such as low back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain

ŸHow stress causes you to change the way you move and how that contributes to muscle pain

ŸHow you can and must use your brain to relax and lengthen these stiff, tight muscles for pain relief and freer movement

ŸLife-long tools to improve body awareness, control and freedom of movement

ŸA daily routine of slow, simple, enjoyable and incredibly effective floor-based exercises that practiced daily, will allow YOU to improve muscle control and eliminate chronic pain YOURSELF!

To register, go to the Registration Page and scroll down to preview the full program guide Dance, Fitness, and Art Enrichment Classes Spring Session. From there, go back to the registration page and scroll down to the bottom tab “Register Online Now”, create an account with Studio Director and follow through the registration process.